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Filter/Landscape Fabric

Typical Specifications

Property Unit Test Method 400 Series Contractor's Choice
Weight oz/sy(g/sm) ASTM D5261 4 oz (136)
Grab Tensile lbs (kN) ASTM D4632 100 (0.445)
Grab Elongation % ASTM D4632 50
Trapezoid Tear lbs (kN) ASTM D4533 50 (0.222)
Puncture  lbs (kN) ASTM D4833 300 (1.32)
Permittivity sec ASTM D4491 2
Water Flow gpm/sf ASTM D4491 140
AOS US Sieve (mm) ASTM D4751 70 (0.212)
UV Resistance % / hours ASTM D4355 70/500

Seller makes no warranty; express or implied, concerning the product furnished hereunder other than it shall be of the quality and specifications stated herein. Any implied warranty or fitness for a particular purpose is expressly excluded and to the extent that it is contrary to the foregoing sentence, any implied warranty of merchantability is expressly excluded. Any recommendations made by Seller concerning uses or applications of said product are believed to be reliable and Seller makes no warranty of results to obtained. This data sheet supersedes all previous data sheets for this style and is subject to change without notice.

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