1200 Series “Choice 12” – Premium 12 oz. Non-Woven Landscape Fabric


GCI Choice 12 Premium 12 oz. Non-Woven Geotextile Landscape Fabric

Roll Size: 15' x 300' (4500 sqft)
Pack: each
Weight: 390 lbs / roll

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GCI Series 1200 “CHOICE 12” Non-Woven Premium 10oz. Geotextile Fabric is a heavy weight non-woven geotextile that can be used as a geomembrane or pond liner cushion in civil applications. It is placed between the soil and liner when building retention/detention ponds. Placing a non-woven geotextile above or below the impermeable geomembrane liner provides a cushion that helps protect it from punctures.

Download the 1200 Series Specifications

Additional information

Weight 390 lbs

15' x 300'


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